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  1)    Wash down walls.  If the walls are dirty or greasy (kitchen, bathroom) use TSP to wash the walls and rinse with a damp cloth.
 2)    Tape off trim and molding with painter’s tape.  Do not remove until the paint is completely dry, at least 24 hours
 3)    Push furniture into the center of the room, leaving enough room to maneuver around, and cover with a plastic tarp.
 4)    Cover the floor with a fabric drop cloth, plastic may be too slippery.
 5)    Remove all hardware (light switches, doorknob, etc.) store in a easy-to-find plastic bag (this will help keep screws with the switches etc).
 6)    Calculate how much paint you will need (1 gal will cover about 375 square feet), and have the paint mixed at the same time to help ensure a consistent color.
 7)    Invest in a good paint tray and line it with a disposable liner.
 8)    Use rollers for the walls and ceilings and brushes with angled tips for the trim.  The better the grade of rollers and brushes will give a better finished result.
 9)    Expect to apply at least 3 coats to a new wall.  Best results are made with one coat of primer and 2 coats of the finished color.  If re-painting a wall at least 2 finished coats will give the best results. (see item #1)
10)    Keep excess paint in a small glass jar for future touch-ups.

  Now you can sit back and enjoy the “new” room!  Painting is the cheapest and easiest way to create a new look for your home.